At each step, Cosmo the robot-guide accompanies the child to explain the essential and make him want to learn more.

Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, and guided by Cosmo, the child has the impression of really conquering Space thanks to the immersive power of Augmented Reality.

AR-kid: Space

is divided into 4 main chapters.

Chapter 1

"Ready for takeoff"

The child makes an Augmented Reality rocket appear, and learns all about it before launching it into Space.

Chapter 2

"Above the Earth"

The shuttle arrives in orbit and the child can discover the astronauts, the Space Station and a communications satellite, as if he or she were actually in Space.

Chapter 3

"On the Moon"

Following in Neil Armstrong's footsteps, the child sets foot on the Moon... at least virtually.

Chapter 4

"The solar system"

The child travels through the solar system, and can move from planet to planet to learn more about Earth's neighbors, and about the Sun.